High Current Variable Power Supply LM317

Thursday, October 6th 2011. | Power Management, Power Supply

LM317 variable voltage regulator can be created with the ability of a large current drain. Techniques to increase the supply current capability of the LM317 regulator is installed with the configuration of the transistor circuit as in the picture High Current Variable Power Supply LM317 below. Variable power supply circuit with a large current can be regulated supply voltage from 1.2 Volts to 37 Volts and a current maximum of 5 Amperes.

The series of High Current Variable Power Supply LM317

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Part List Of High Current Variable Power Supply LM317

  • R1 3.9 Ohm 2W
  • R2 22 Ohm 0.25W
  • 5 kOhm Potentiometer R3
  • R4 220 Ohm 0.25W
  • R2 22Ohm 0.25W
  • C1 3300 uF/50V
  • C2, C5 100nF
  • C3 10uF/50V
  • C4 220uF/50V
  • D1 5A Bridge
  • D2 1N4002
  • D3 LED
  • IC1 LM317
  • Q1 TIP2955

The function of amplifier power supply current in the circuit above were determined by the type of PNP transistors are used. Then as the control voltage using a variable positive voltage regulator LM317. To set the output voltage level by adjusting the resistance value R3.

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