Audio Multiplexing Decoder CXA2134Q

Friday, February 17th 2012. | Audio Processor

Description Audio Multiplexing Decoder CXA2134Q

The CXA2134Q is an IC designed as a decoder for the Zenith TV Multi-channel System and also corresponds with I2C bus. Functions include stereo demodulation, SAP (Separate Audio Program) demodulation, dbx noise reduction and sound processor. Various kinds of filters are built in this IC. Adjustment, mode control and sound processor control are all executed through I2C bus. The Aplication Of Audio Multiplexing Decoder CXA2134Q are TV, VCR and other decoding systems for US audio multiplexing TV broadcasting.

Diagram Blok Of  Audio Multiplexing Decoder CXA2134Q

Audio Multiplexing Decoder,Decoder CXA2134Q,CXA2134Q,Multiplexing Decoder

Features Of  Audio Multiplexing Decoder CXA2134Q

  • Alignment-free VCO and filter
  • Audio multiplexing decoder
  • Dbx noise reduction decoder
  • Sound processor
    • Two external inputs
    • Quasi-surround
    • Bass control
    • Treble control
    • Volume control
  • Are all included in a single chip. Almost any soft of signal processing is possible through this IC.
  • Input level, separation adjustments and each mode control are possible through I2C bus.

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